Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Why I Left Waterstones

That's right. I admit with a lot of sadness that I am no longer a bookseller at Waterstones. Some may know this, others may not. However, I feel that I should explain my decision in some way and also to let the emotions and decisions behind this move out in a way I have always used to do so.

I loved my time at Waterstones, I really do and I do miss spending my weekends surrounded by books and people that share my love with those books. I didn't particularly want to leave but I think, for myself, for the shop I worked within and for the customers I shared my experiences and passion for books with, it was the right thing to do.
I also love university, and that's the thing. University got in the way of my bookselling and bookselling got in the way of my time at university. There are a number of other reasons but essentially that is the main reason. With all the deadlines that have been piling up ever since, I'm glad I decided to leave otherwise I would have had to let down my colleagues.

I miss my job a lot, I miss having that to look forward every week and having something purposeful to do on a Saturday instead of lazying around all day. I miss feeling so independent while working and having some 'me-time'. I miss my colleagues and the easy way I had with them. I miss talking about books all day and sharing my favourite books with those around me. I miss saying I'm a bookseller.

However, I am still in touch with my old manager from home so hopefully I can get a job in the summer or Christmas or something. It's weird walking past my old store when I go home, looking in and seeing my old colleagues particularly the ones I got on the best with and knowing the ins and outs of that shop. It's so weird, saddening and annoying in some aspects but I believe it was the right decision and I don't regret it mostly.

Sorry this was a bit of a soppy post, but I think I needed to let it out a little bit to move on. Have a good week guys!

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