Tuesday, 13 August 2013

University Thoughts

So at the moment I'm in a bit of a limbo period. 
It's my summer, yes. But unlike those at college or school, I literally have no idea what I'll be doing when September rolls round and with only a few weeks of August left...it feels so so weird. 

My place at university relies on my results that I get in 2 DAYS time. 2 days. After waiting months for these results after my exams at the beginning of June, the fact that they're SO soon...I can't quite fathom it. Then, within a month from my results if I'm successful (which after reflecting over my exams, it's a bit IF) I have to learn to live independently, have everything ready to move and start my course while also trying to desperately see my best friends. They're all going to different areas of the country...

The thing is this university stuff is scary. Being someone who doesn't do things on impulse that often, the idea of my life turning around within a month is just... I can't quite imagine it. I know I'll be fine eventually, I'll get into this whole moving away business and I'll make new friends (as well as my parents being a nice 2 hours away). But it's just that uncertainty at the moment that I constantly keep thinking about. The 'ifs' and plan A and B's, the idea of living alone... Teenage years are scary and new enough but this has to be the scariest part of all. 

I will next post on Thursday 15th with my results. If you follow me on Twitter, you may be lucky enough for a marathon of tweets as I find out. Until then, guys. 

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