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On My Bookshelf (41)

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I have a confession to make.
So here goes....I'm a little bit obsessed with Netgalley.

All the shiny covers. The sparkly 'Request' button. JUST ALL THE BOOKS THAT I WANT TO READ. I sincerely hope SOMEONE agrees with me on this...


- Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein - I've heard so much about Elizabeth Wein and her first book Code Name Verity yet I was a little apprehensive about picking it up for some reason. However, when I saw the synopsis for this, it sounded so, so good. 

- The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles - There was a feature in a magazine recently about Beth Reekles, an 18 year old who published her book online originally before it was published in paperback when it got so popular. I'm intrigued to see how she writes especially as I'm the same age as her. I've read some dodgy reviews about the book and the cover and name makes me cringe a little bit but this should be an enjoyable, light-hearted read. 

- Acid by Emma Pass - After seeing Lucy at Queen of Contemporary's review, reading the synopsis and finding out Emma Pass is British, I was kind of sold in terms of this book. I've always loved a good dystopian and the fact this is written by a British author just makes me anticipate it more. May have to read this soon...

- Witchstruck by Victoria Lamb - I've just finished a History A-level specialising in the Tudors so I KNOW this period of history pretty well (I've already spotted a few historical timeline mistakes in The White Queen). But it's also a period that you don't see particularly many YA books on. I'm not usually a fantasy/magic kind of girl in reading but this sounds pretty good. Also, some of my go-to bloggers for historical books gave this book a great review so I hope I agree. 

- Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott - Ah, Elizabeth Scott. She's an author I've heard SO much about yet never read anything by her so I was SO HAPPY and SO EXCITED to find I'd been approved to read Heartbeat on Netgalley. Although this isn't the right cover, I actually really like it because of its simplicity. 


- Wolf Hall & Bring Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel - I've been wondering and wondering whether to read these books for over a year now, since Hilary Mantel won her second Man Booker prize. I've been given countless recommendations by customers at work but it was the sheer size of them that was a bit daunting. Like I said above, I love the Tudor period and know a lot about what happens. I've always felt a bit sorry for Thomas Cromwell as well so I'm probably the best candidate to read these. I may start these when I start university as I probably won't be reviewing much then as I settle in. 

- I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith - A colleague at work told me she read this when she was about 16 and it really kind of changed her. It sounds really interesting and something I would enjoy in a book so I thought I'd give it ago. 

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Let me know! Link back to your own versions of On My Bookshelf and I'll take a look at what you received this week. 


  1. ACID is amazing such a good dystopian. I really hope you enjoy it. Great haul, you've got some awesome books. Happy Reading :)

  2. ACID is an awesome book. Completely blew me away and it wasn't what I expected at all. Happy reading!

  3. I'm so glad you picked up ACID after reading my review! It's so good and one of my favourite UKYA and dystopian novels.
    The Kissing Booth is okay but hyped WAY too much for my liking. It was cute but didn't have much to it.

    Happy reading, Rebecca!

  4. I have yet to read Rose Under Fire, The Kissing Booth and ACID! They look so amazing with the covers, so I definitely agree with you on that! Though I'm looking to reading as well! I've been on a bit of a requestee of NetGalley at the no, Hehe! Not good when I have so many others to read, lol! Great post, Rebecca! :)


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