Saturday, 3 August 2013

Guest Post on E-books versus Physical Books

Just a quick heads up that I wrote a guest post over at Fluttering Butterflies run by one of my blogging friends, Clover (who is one of the most genuine, loveliest bloggers I have come across).

It's all about the pros and cons of e-books and physical books written from my perspective - someone who is both a bookseller and a blogger that uses both those formats. I know it's something a lot of, if not all, people have an opinion on so check it out, and let me, and Clover, know your opinions on the topic - I like to know everyone's view on discussions such as this.

Coming up on the blog this week...well, in between my working schedule I've *somehow* written some reviews and a memo. Phew, this whole five-day-a-week working thing WITH blogging is HARD.

Also check out the discussion I posted yesterday about the topic of sex in Young Adult literature. ANOTHER topic I think we all have an opinion of.

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