Thursday, 15 August 2013


So if you're a follower of mine on that little social networking site that recalls the sounds of birds, this will be OLD news to you.
I like to keep my personal and blogging life separate from one another but this is something that will impact the blog a lot. A LOT.

As of 6am this morning, I got into university. I am a new undergraduate starting September at Bournemouth University to study Communication and Media.
And I have to say that you guys are to thank for that. Blogging and reading in general turned from a hobby of mine into a love. That love made me realise that it was okay to love books and make that the THING about you. Most of the last two years have been about books. I chose to do Media out of that love for publishing and while it doesn't mean necessarily I'm aiming for a publishing career, it's certainly is an option now with THIS course.
I am so overly happy. Because Bournemouth is literally one of the best in the country for Media, being one of the best universities to provide it. Everyone I've spoken to over the last year about university has said that Bournemouth is renowned for Media. Which makes me even more excited.

In my A levels, I was dreading seeing the results more than knowing whether I got in or not. Because my exams went terribly especially my English Lit exam which left me in a pool of tears as I walked out (English Lit is one of the hardest A levels). My History exam was on a Monday morning and after a weekend of intensive revision and praying that the Tudor religion question would come up, I looked at the paper, did a happy dance that I had the questions I wanted and then, my brain preceded to go blank. I did so much revision for the subject and could have gone better, my nerves just kind of took over. My Media exam was the best overall and I needed a C at least to get the B I needed in the subject for university. However, my teacher this year was AWFUL as well as being put with a load of students who didn't have any idea why they were there. So the subject I wanted to do and I felt the most confident in was the subject I had the worst teacher in. Because that ALWAYS helps.

SO. My grades were:
Media Studies: A 
English Literature: B (HOW?!?)
History: B 

And I needed BBB for Bournemouth so I'm in and confirmed and everything. I'm just incredibly happy at the moment even more so when the welcome pack came through the door this morning as well...
Thanks guys again, reviews will be winging their way soon!


  1. Congratulations, Rebecca! I know I've already said it but thought I'd said it again! I'm so pleased for you!

  2. YAY! That's brilliant news, Rebecca! Congratulations :D Even though GCSEs are nothing compared to A Levels, I can certainly sympathise with how stressful it is. I'm picking English Lit for one of my A Levels so I may have to turn to you for complaints and freak-outs when the time comes ;) Looking forward to the reviews.

  3. Massive congratulations!! Uni is incredible; enjoy :)

  4. A huge congratulations to you :) I'm very happy for you and I wish you all the best of luck at university!


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