Monday, 10 September 2012

Back to College...

Back to college today so my frequent posting is coming to an end.
Although I have like a zillion free periods now, I also will have tons of work, especially as all three subjects I'm continuing (Media, History and English Literature) have coursework this term. Fun. My college have mucked up my timetable so I have lots of frees, no lunch and a block of lessons in the middle of the day with no break. Oh and NO-ONE knows what times the lessons are supposed to start and finish. So, so far, this year seems like it is not going to be great.

So there may be lots of reading down. Or not. I feel like blogging-wise, I'm only posting when I have to. You know, just reviews and some On My Bookshelf. No discussions, interviews or posts like this one. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.
This summer has been great, my last summer where I won't be moving, like now. It's so weird to thing that this time next year A levels will be over and I'll be moving out, away from le parents. So, so weird.

(Here are some photos from over the summer):

Me at a dinner party/BBQ I held at my house for a bunch of lovely people I hadn't seen in a while.
As my friend captioned this photo on Instagram:
'Rebecca auditioning for the role of Housewife'

I went to Leicester Square the other day and in the trees, they had paper medals for the medals won by Team GB in the Olympics which I thought was lovely!

I also went to see 'Moonrise Kingdom'. GO SEE IT. It is the cutest movie I have ever had the joy to see and the girl in it has such a nice face...

As every Londoner, I've been watching the Olympics and Paralympics, especially the former. The numerous times I screamed at the TV for the swimmers, runners, divers and rowers to just 'SWIM/RUN/ROW' was countless. From being in London during this time, the buzz was in everyone. They were amazing. 
Although I didn't go to any ticketed events, I did go to the Road Race Cycling for the Women's (where we got a Silver!) and both the Marathon for the Olympics and Paralympics where they were on a loop going by our spot 3 times. On the picture (above right), you can just see David Weir coming into the picture on the left, who later won Gold.

So after a lovely summer, I just hope college gets better.

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