Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite childhood books

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish.

**Sorry for my lack of posting on Top Ten Tuesday, just been quite busy recently!

This week's theme is my Favourite Childhood books

1. The Roman Mysteries - Caroline Lawrence - I discovered this series in Year 4 (3rd Grade) and fell in love with the setting, the characters and just the way it was written. Sadly, the series came to an end recently, but when now I enjoy them as much as I did 8 years ago. 

2. Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie - Needless I say anything else? I used to feel so grown up reading this bedraggled copy from the library that was falling apart. I think I started to love second hand books from then....

3. Charlotte's Web - E.B.White - I used to be so scared of Charlotte...

4. I Want My Potty! - Tony Ross - Okay, so I may be the only person who remembered this kid. But I laughed so much at this book, it was my favourite. I still have it somewhere in my wardrobe. But I loved this kid because she was an only child like I am and somehow, I loved her...don't ask. 

5. Six Dinner Sid - Inga Moore - oh my god...I loved all animals ESPECIALLY cats and I loved stories involving animals, so I remember when my nan borrowed this from the library for me, I wanted it permanently in my home, so my mum went out and bought one. Actually, you can still get this book, I saw it in Waterstone's when I was working. 

6. Jacqueline Wilson books - Ahhh. Okay, one thing for those who have NO IDEA who this woman is or don't like her. I think every girl who is in their late teens now from England, so was born in the 90's like me, will have read at least 3 of Jacqueline Wilson's books. She is like the queen of children's books. When I think of my childhood, when I was about 7/8/9, I think of this woman. She is amazing, I would recommend her to anyone, she writes such vivid stories about anything and everything, loved her...


  1. I used to trawl through Jacqueline Wilson books with my best friend like it was nobody's business. My favorites were the Girls... series with Ellie, the one where the girl was called CAKE, and the one with the twins named after gem stones.

    As a kid I also religiously read The Boxcar Children series, and I was a big fan of having my parents read me Paddington Bear stories, as well as the requisite goodnight chapter or so of either Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer.

  2. I remember I Want My Potty! What a book :')

    Like you and Nessie, I adored Jacqueline Wilson books too - I even met her when I was 10! God, that day brings back memories. My Nan (who used to always buy me J.W. books) had died literally two weeks before and I was just home from England for the funeral (my Nan lived in England) and I remember bursting into tears over poor Jacqueline Wilson. Oh well, she said she liked my name and that she was going to use it in one of her books one day ... as far as I know, that never happened.

    I remember when I got home I wrote a lovely long letter to her and she sent a postcard back. I still have it somewhere.


  3. Oh yeah I loved Girls, you know, they made that into a TV series on BBC, very very good. The people in it have been in loads of other things now hah :)
    Paddington Bear! Loved him...

    Oh really? I am actually quite jealous Amy, that's so cool. I loved her and she was born in a big town near me so we were all like 'YAAY, she might come back' but she never did. I loved Tracy Beaker as well, and the TV series. I still have the movie of it somewhere in my house. x

  4. Thanks, Rebecca! You made my day! :-)))


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