Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Job, Future Posts and Books

Sorry for the lack of posting, I've been busy celebrating Christmas and working.

So, yes, news! I have a job, my first ever paid job. And guess where at?

A book shop! Yes, I have a Christmas job at Waterstone's which is like the main book shop company in England. There are lots of branches and I work in my local one in Richmond - a place where a lot of stars live because it's very affluent and so close to Ealing, Shepperton and Twickenham Film Studios. Which is great.

I'm mostly on the till or helping customers to find books, but it's still great fun and I get along with everyone I work with well. I'm leaving this week sadly, it was only for over Christmas but it was still a great experience.

On another subject, I have an army of posts to be posted after I have completed my English essays - sorry they take a higher priority. They are:

- 'Twenty Boy Summer' by Sarah Ockler review
- On My Bookshelf - Christmas presents
- End of Year Bookish Survey, hosted by Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner
- Top 10 Favourite Books of 2011

Have a lovely week and Happy New Year!


  1. Great news about the job Rebecca and sad that it had to end. I'm sure it was good experience for any future jobs and I'll bet you were the most knowledgeable one there!

  2. Oh thank you! Yeah I am, I kind of hope they offer me a more permanent job or think about me when they need someone there, but who knows?
    Hahah, yeah, well I was in the Fiction section quite a lot but so many people would come to me looking for YA or teenage books. So while my collegues look at each other like not sure where that would be, I'm like 'Well, that would be in the Teenage Section upstairs'.
    Oh and I recommended Hunger Games SO MANY TIMES.


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