Friday, 16 July 2010

Lifted - Hilary Freeman

I found this in the corner of my library, on the 'New Books' display hidden behind some boy book. I'd just finish Monsters of Men and thought even though I have a whole library in my room of books, I didn't have a book that I owned that I wanted to read. Weird, I know. So I popped down there on my day off and got this...interesting book.

First Sentence: This is a blog about shoplifting. And as it is my very first blog, the only thing I’ve ever written in the whole of the
blogosphere, I’m going to come straight to the point:
Yesterday, I stole something.

Ruby is a compulsive shoplifter; she only steals when she feels sad or anger or just wants to. But she's a shoplifter with a difference. She steals expensive clothes and gives them to charity shops - and then blogs about it on her Robyn Hood blog (I didn't get it at first but it soon clicked when they mentioned it). Soon she's a celebrity and everyone is talking about who she is. Only one person knows her identity and he's sworn to secrecy. Will she get caught? And will people find out her true identity?

Well, to be honest, we never know. You'll see why if you read the ending but it's left on one of those supposed to be cliffhangers that is supposed to have you sitting there thinking 'Oh my god. What's going to happen next?' when really you can just guess and they hint it badly as well. It's an okay book. There are some good parts but if it had been longer than 214 pages, I would have got bored.'s an okay book. Could be better but it was just...written weirdly. I've never read any other of her books but I think one of them won an award. Let's hope it was better than this one :)

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