Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Silver Blade - Sally Gardner

Okay. First if you haven't read THE RED NECKLACE which is the first book in this series, you may find some spoilers in this review. Maybe. Though some of the things might be slightly obvious and anyway, to be honest, you don't really have to have read the first book to read this book anyway. But just thought I'd put that just incase someone decides that their comment is an abusive one about ruining the book. :)

First Sentence: There is no more terrifying a  sight in all Paris than that of the guillotine. 

With that sorted, the book. This is the second and last in the series of The Red Necklace. And to be honest, the best.
It's set during the French Revoltution (1700's) and follows Yann, a young gypsy actor who has a double life with his friend, Didier that helps get French aristrocat familes out of the country to England before their sent to the guillotine. In England also lies his love, the beautiful Sido de Villidual whose father was murdered (I think) in The Red Necklace. Count Kalliovski, a murderous, friend of the devil nobleman is also planning something magical with the heads that roll for revenge against Yann and Sido. Will Sido and Yann ever meet again? Will they still be able to be together? And what is Kalliovski planning? Read the book.

It's a good book I must admit. The language and the way it all links is done well. However, there were a number of french words in italics that I didn't understand and kept cropping up. I do French now but still I was struggling translating it and I actually know some french. It would have been useful to have a glossary at the back for the words. I know this is going to sound so weird but I love the feel of the pages. I don't know but they've made the pages more flimsy and the writing slightly bigger and I loved that. :)
You don't really have to have read the last book to read this one though as I read The Red Necklace a year or so ago, I was struggling to remember who some of the people were that claimed they were in the first book. Oh well. Both are good books. Read them is my advice.

I give it 4 out of 5

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