Friday, 23 April 2010

Drawing With Light - Julia Green

I've never read anything from Julia Green before let alone even heard of her. But at the end of a boring Easter holidays, I picked it up in my local library. It was the most interesting looking book there that I hadn't read before.

Drawing With Light follows Emily Woodman. Her life is completely changing. Her older sister, Kat, is just about to start uni; Dad and Cassy (her stepmum) have just bought an old house and now they and Emily have to live in a tiny caravan in the middle of a field which it's being done up; after a throwaway remark about Emily's real mother who left her, Kat and her dad when Emily was a baby. Meanwhile, she meets Seb, a beautiful boy with fine features, dark eyes and a love for running and she embarks on a special relationship with him. Can she keep the relationship going? Who was her mother? What was she like? Why did she go?

When I started the book, the first thing I thought was 'There is entirely too many exclamation marks.' I'm not kidding, until about half way through, there are so many exclamation marks. I counted about 6 in one conversation, mostly coming down Cassy. Apart from the beginning part, it is a good book. You can sort of predict the ending. And the ending does just sort of finish and seems like it was rushed a little. I loved Seb. I wish he was a real person. It is a funny, gripping summer read. A good 2nd book from Julia Green. Could be better but good. I'll be looking out for her stuff again.

I give it 3.5 out of 5
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