Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Phantom of the Opera....

Oh dear god...Two very busy few weeks with exams and now Work experience in the fabulous Marks & Spencers. :)
Anyway, you may notice that my 'I'm Reading' photo has changed (that's if anyone actually goes on here and I'm not talking to myself) from Phantom of the Opera to (yes another) Sarah Dessen book, This Lullaby.
Well. My friend let me borrow it as I'm slightly obsessed with PotO so she recommended the book to me. So I start reading it last week and oh my god...I got to Chapter 4, bored and annoyed that 1) I hadn't met the main girl, Christine and 2) nothing in the show or movie had happened yet.
So I gave up. I don't do it often. I don't think classic books are my forte as I JUST managed Pride and Prejudice a couple of years ago.
Anyway. That's it.
COMMENT if you read this or any other reviews. It will help not think that I'm talking to myself :(

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