Monday, 7 June 2010

Everything Beautiful - Simone Howell

I have seen Everything Beautiful in Waterstones and though the cover was tempting, I just couldn't bring my self to actually buy it and read it, for some reason. I think the words Atheist and Christain Camp put me off, reminding me of a girl at school. Anyway, as you can tell as I dribble on about nothing, I did read it when I found it in the library. 

First Sentence: I am the maniac behind the wheel of a stolen dune buggy.
Riley Rose, tricked by her father and his annoying new girlfriend, is sent for her summer for a week at 'Christain Camp' called Spirit Ranch. However, the rather large Riley is an atheist and all round rebel on a misson. While she's there, she meets Dylan Luck, recently put into a wheelchair and fellow rebel (even though I didn't think he was that rebellous) and together truths are told, secrets revealed and Riley's dreaded week away turns into actual fun and changes her life.

The book was better than expected. There were times where the blurb sort of caught itself out. I mean Dylan, to me anyway, didn't seem like he was also trying to get in trouble. Apparently, together they ruin the camp but its more Riley. And Riley seems like this confident person who I guess I automatically put her in the normal/thin category but you find out she's actually quite fat or big. I didn't really sense it to be honest. But that maybe me. My favourite characters were Bird and latterly Fleur. Though she was a bit annoying at the beginning. Craig...eurgh, don't get me started on him. Overall, the book was really good with some great characters and I did quite enjoy it. Good it. :)

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