Tuesday, 2 September 2014

From Spain to Bristol

The last few weeks have been a little bit of a whirlwind as I've been dashing here, there and everywhere while seeing numerous people and enjoying the last remaining bit of the summer. Now that September has rolled in though, it's full steam ahead to sort out the house that five friends and myself are moving into in the next few weeks while fitting in time for IKEA and Wilkinsons trips and seeing my friends staying in London. It's all been a bit crazy!

Last week I came back from a short break with my parents and university friend to Spain where we soaked up the sun, swam a lot and ate probably five times the amount I normally eat. We were given a shock back to reality though when leaving the plane at Gatwick, however, and experiencing a chilly 15 degrees compared to the 37 degrees we had left behind. 

My friend was staying with us for a few more days before returning home which involved some relaxing but also an epic, long day in Central London. I experienced the Emirates Air Line for the first time, something we both have wanted to do since it was built in 2012. It goes from North Greenwich by the O2 to Royal Victoria by the Excel Centre in East London. I was amazed by how high it went actually across the Thames, giving brilliant and beautiful views of Greenwich, the City, the Thames Barrier and the surrounding area. It was quite surreal being high up and seeing such a built up, grey city on one side and then the rolling hills of the countryside in Essex on the other. I recommend it, just go on a clear and sunny day!

We met up with some of my friends from school and their university friends before sampling tea from a lovely little tea shop in Soho named Yumchaa and nattering about our opinions on the new Doctor Who, chopping boards and the ultimate revelation that Hello Kitty is not a cat, but apparently a schoolgirl living in the suburbs of London. 

Next, we had a wander through Regent's Park before finding ourselves in Camden to go to the penultimate 'Night Market' at Camden Lock - a massive market of freshly made food from different countries accompanied by a live band, exactly the kind of way I like to spend my evenings. It was a nice round off to the day and the food was delicious with a good 10 minutes before I could decide my choice of dinner. 

To round off last week, I then travelled to Bristol to visit my boyfriend who was house and cat sitting. Bristol is a city I've been told so much about but only visited once. I was shown some more sights such as Cabot Tower which gives beautiful views of the city and then, Bristol Museum. With every visit to Bristol, I'm increasingly liking the city more and more, wanting to discover more parts. 

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