Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hibiscus Tea

Way back in May (which seems centuries ago on this rainy August morning), I bought some celebratory proper herbal tea from a little tea shop just off Covent Garden as a 'Yes, you got through exams' present to myself. It's only recently since the weather has changed once again that I decided to bring out the Hibiscus tea to try!

I discovered hibiscus tea when I visited a tea shop near me that has probably every tea you can possibly think of, where I always have blackcurrant and hibiscus. Although I don't drink tea normally, I am a fan of fruity or different teas especially anything with blackcurrant or cranberry in. Hibiscus is known for its properties that help with blood pressure, stress and generally good for the heart - all things I think my body would appreciate!

I bought loose tea, therefore, a tea strainer was needed. I bought mine in the shape of a strawberry for £3 in a funky home shop in London named 'Tiger'. Once putting the water in, I left the strainer in for the recommended maximum 10 minutes as I prefer strong tea. I would recommend NOT to do that with loose tea now, as it was a little bit too strong for me when I got round to drink it.

I've found that about 5 or 6 minutes is perfect for this tea, although it depends a lot on the strength of flavour of the tea and what someone personally prefers, much like the different ways people take their tea and coffee on a daily basis. This tea is lovely, something nice after dinner or on a cold afternoon. I'm going to be going to the Tea House in Covent Garden again to try some more of their flavours!

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