Saturday, 27 September 2014

Moving House

Today marks Day Fourteen in our university house in Bournemouth, something quite amazing considering it feels like we've been here longer already.
I moved in last Saturday with two other of housemates on a day that was both stressful, hilarious and one I think we're going to remember for a while. Things started off as normal - packing up the car with all the things I own wondering both how one person could have SO much stuff and deliberating how on earth we're going to fit it all in the car. Then the unpacking when we're in Bournemouth, the slight soul destroying moment as you start to take apart the suitcase and box Jenga. My parents and I started sorting out my room leaving my dad to build the IKEA bookcase I had bought along.

However, somehow the day ended with me climbing through an upstairs window...

We came back from Wilkinsons after a trip for supplies and wrapping paper to find one of my housemates frantically calling our landlord before announcing that her key wouldn't unlock her door.I think many 'facepalm' moments followed this. After some calling with no avail and then an arrangement with one of our newly found neighbours, we had a ladder. It then came to the decision on who would be the one to climb through the small window and open the door from the other side. Soon I realised that three people I was standing around were looking at me and my housemate, who although her petitieness was perfect for the job, she is also scared of heights. I was the chosen one.

I've always thought how scared it could be going up that high with nothing behind you but a 10ft drop and a hard landing. As I was prepping for my climb, many thoughts ran through my head including the many injuries or at worst death I could sustain from dropping from that height, which was soon discarded from my mind.

Despite my worries and consciousness that six people were watching me from below, I was able to cast that all away and get one of my legs into the room and catapult the remainder of my body through the window onto the bed with only the lamp being knocked over in the lunge.

The last few weeks have been a mixture of getting used to living in a house with five people and debating with utilities companies on their best deals as well as enrolling and start the panicking of how we're all going to find placements for next year. It's weird being back in Bournemouth so suddenly, but now I just want to get started with my second year.


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