Monday, 1 July 2013

Long Live Google Reader

So as many of you kids may know, Google Friend Connect and Google Reader will live no longer after tomorrow, 1st July 2013. God knows why but that's not the point.

For those who, like me at first, are like 'Er Rebecca, what are you talking about?!', Google Friend Connect is that little square white box to your right where you can 'Join This Site' and for me, has 120 followers. Then Google Reader is the list of the latest posts posted by the blogs you follow on your Dashboard in Blogger (I believe this is right).
Therefore, by Google Friend Connect being discontinued, those 120 followers that I have gained so happily in three years of blogging will disappear. I know 120 is not a lot at all considering I've been here for three years, but watching that number grow over the years makes me so...proud I guess and happy with what I'm doing here. Perhaps Google Friend Connect's departure will be good - make people less competitve on followers and look at posts and share those posts we love. However, I have a feeling that free, happy, care-free place will not come about and everyone will be looking at the amount of comments and pageviews they have as a replacement.

ANYWAY. I know that you know you want to keep up with whatever is next for Rebecca-Books. So here are a few hints of ways you can follow me.

Bloglovin' - For me, it's a bit like an outsider version of Google Friend Connect/Google Reader. You follow the blogs signed up to the site and the latest posts come up when you log in. And it's all done by a click of a button. When you sign up, you can import the names of the blogs you follow onto here and there you have it, all your favourites on a page.
Follow here

Twitter - I'm always around on Twitter. You can follow me @rebeccabooks - come follow me on there, I've love to talk to anyone that enjoys my blog.
Follow here

Please help keep Rebecca-Books and the blogging world active by following us and helping in the transition from the much loved Google Friend Connect to the new platforms. I guess it's good to have something different and unique in a while, it's just a shame that it was so soon.

Soon, there will be reviews for Noble Conflict by Malorie Blackman, The Disgrace of Kitty Grey by Mary Hooper, The S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher as well as discussions, guest posts and a blogoversary week this July.

I'll end this post by thanking all of you who have followed, commented and supported me over the years. I appreciate it so, so much especially throughout the difficult times in my life such as my exams, leaving school and the death of those close to me. We can all look forward to more posts on Rebecca-Books.


  1. I don't think GFC is going, just Google Reader! Yay! :) There was a big confusion about it. But I still followed you on Bloglovin'!

  2. Yay my GFC is still up and running for some strange reason. I'm looking forward to your Blogaversary! I'm following this blog on Bloglovin.


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