Saturday, 27 July 2013

Where I've Been

So you may have noticed since I made a grand entrance back into the world of blogging, my posts have been a little sporadic.
"WHY? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" I hear you cry (or wish you would be asking). I hope that this post kind of clears that up.

I've acquired a volunteering job at this little grand old house nearby:

This is Ham House, owned by the National Trust. I'm currently a Room Guide over the summer which means I help visitors understand what they're looking at and tell them about the function of the room. It's been so good so far - a lot of talking - especially with those visitors that love history and want to be told about the house. I'm there every Friday now over the summer. I've always loved history but as I'm not doing a History course at university after doing the subject for 10 years since I was 7 (I'm so old now...), this is SUCH a good way to let my geeky history side out especially if a visitor asks me anything to do with the Tudors.

I've also been working a few more days at Waterstones as I need the money and they need the staff. It's been quite fun actually because I'm normally there at the weekends, I'm meeting different people who come in during the week. And I get to see the whole process if someone orders or when stock comes in to be sold - it's a bit different to my good ol' Saturday job.

(This is my polo shirt, it's about two sizes too
small for me. But I was the only one that could fit
that size...)
I've also been taking the opportunity to read and read as well as just not doing a thing after spending months always on the go, always with something to do or be working on.
I've been following The White Queen since the beginning which I like. Although as I did the War of the Roses for A level, I'm sometimes like 'That didn't happen!' when watching and I kind of know what happens in the end...

Anyway, that's what I've been up to. I'm around, just not at a computer or laptop. It's going to be a busy summer hopefully as I wait for 15th August for results day *shivers*. I still love my blog and the blogging world but sometimes life just gets in the way as I'm sure most of you know.
Keep watching out for things at Rebecca-Books. There are many exciting things coming up....


  1. REBECCA! I'm glad that you are enjoying your volunteer job and the working at Waterstones a few more days. It must be amazing to work at a bookshop - do you get a discount? ;) And I'm glad you can bring out your history geek!

    Good luck for results day. You'll be amazing <3

  2. WHY?! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! (see, I am asking!)
    I'm so jealous of both of your jobs! I'd love to work in a bookshop, and I love old houses too. Like you, I'm a huge geek when it comes to the Tudors!

    Looking forward to seeing what you've got planned!

  3. You are SO SO SO SO SO lucky, Rebecca!!! You get to volunteer at that absolutely beautiful grand house, AND work at the one and only Waterstones! Congrats on the new jobs - it sounds like you're having a great time! :D


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