Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I'm Back! (Kind Of)

This is a kind of post to say that, guys, I haven't forgotten my little corner of the internet or my lovely followers or books in general (how could THAT happen?) because I realise that it's getting on for two months since I hung up my book reviewing shoes in exchange for my revising shoes for my A-level exams (this is all metaphorical by the way, not literal).

I am starting to actually turn my laptop back on again now and actually go on Blogger's website and have a look at some posts from my favourite blogs but I'm still not completely back, back.
I've done two of my exams so far, History and Media, which were...hmm, okay. History wasn't as great as I would have liked it to go although I had the BEST questions. Media was a bit more reassuring, although I feel like I just threw some words on the paper and hoped that they would get me marks.
I have one exam left, English Literature which I think is the hardest out of the three - that's on Thursday. And then I will be FREE.

You guys are brillant, you know? Like some of you have just stuck with my blog, some of you have mentioned that you missed me during my blogging break, you guys were all so lovely in the comments section of my last post where I started my break. So sweet that I actually cried at how lovely they were. Which is unheard of for me. So thank you. And thank you to those like Nessie and Marie-Louise Jensen and Amy and Michelle from Queen of the Universe as well as others who wished me luck and just made me feel more confident. Thank you!

But before I sign off and go back and catch up on Glee, I just want some recommends from you guys!
On my 'first day of freedom' on Friday, I am planning to go on the bus to the local shopping centre, go into the huge Waterstones with my discount card and my salary and buy all the books I want to read. I already have a little list with some John Grisham, Sarah Dessen, Rainbow Rowell but I want some recommends to check out while I'm there. Because I love books. But I dislike buying books when I don't know what they'll be like. It's a strange and rather annoying fear for a book lover like me, but I would love your recommends all the same to hunt down for while I'm there.

SO GIVE ME YOUR RECOMMENDS, either tweet me at @rebeccabooks or comment below. Can't wait to see what books you guys are loving!

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  1. YAY! YOU'RE BACK! I'm back from my blogging break too and it is such a great feeling. I hope your English Lit exam went well (or is going to go well?).

    Book recommendations.. hmm. Have you read The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey? I read it a few weeks ago and it has become one of my favourite books. The writing is beautiful, the storyline is amazing and the characters.. WOW. I can't recommend it enough! :D


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