Thursday, 16 August 2012

Words cannot fathom my bewilderment.

Hello! I hope everyone is well.

The last few days have been a whirlwind, especially this morning. This post is just a little update on what's been going on!

  • So. This morning. If you follow me on Twitter (@rebeccabooks), you may have seen my frantic tweets and counting down to the results of my AS level exams that I took in May. If you are an older follower, you would have also been subjected to my rants and worrying tweets/posts on how badly I thought I would do and subsequently, my lack of blogging. But it's cool! It turned out alright in the end. 
  • After the grand total of 4 hours sleep as I awoke worrying and feeling violently sick, I decided to, what the heck, just check the results at the designated time they would appear: 6am. So yeah I've been up since 5. I was shocked. Actually, I still am. I cannot believe what I found there this morning (by the way, we use the internet to see our results). 
        • Classics: A - While telling my mother I would be happy to get a C in Classics, a subject I have grown to despise, hate and just generally have no interest in since getting a D in January, I was faced with coming out with my ordeal of the subject with no less A. I GOT AN A IN CLASSICS. I hate Classics. I'm dropping it in September. I never listened. And I got a flipping A. Words cannot fathom my bewilderment. 
        • Media Studies: A - I love Media, it is what I want to do in university. But the fact I didn't finish the paper, didn't understand the unseen text and came out the exam on the verge of tears, I somehow managed, oh you know, 97/100! Don't ask me where those marks sprang from. 
        • History: B - Meh, I expected this even if in the exam the source didn't even say what the question was asking. Also, sorry anyone that is religious, but because of the history option I chose (Tudors), I am going to be an atheist by the end of the year with the amount of religious history I'm learning this year. Urgh. I hated RS. 
        • English Literature: B - being a book blogger, I think it would have been awkward and embarrassing to get a bad grade in this. I had one of the worst teachers, did one of the worst books I have ever read (don't make me start my Enduring Love rant again) and I left with my fellow English students feeling something dark at the pit of my stomach - no-one thought they did okay. But securing a B-nearly-A - I literally and totally do not understand how I got that. At all. I am beyond surprised.

  • The only other news really is that I won't be posting or around the next week and a bit. I have scheduled some posts one post. And hopefully I'll write a review today. If I do get a chance, I'll have a look at your comments, but I may not reply! Thank you anyway, keep hanging in there and have a lovely summer - or what's left of it. I'll see you when I get back. 


  1. Huge congratulations, Rebecca! You deserve all these wonderful grades!

  2. Congrats!! I did history at a-level, (and then for my degree) and I was totally fed up with the whole religion-switching side of the tudors by the end of it! I feel your pain. But super-well done! All the worrying has been worth it!

    1. Thank You!
      I know, and the whole course being about that too...I just think it's going to be incredibly boring. Haha, yeah. All the pain, tears and worrying has been very worth it :)

  3. Well done, these are excellent grades in prep for uni applications, you really have very little to worry about, considering you pull these amazing grades out of what -to you- feels like exams that might have gone awry!

    While I understand that studying religion might make you sick if you do any more of that, I'm just wondering how it relates to considering yourself an atheist - purely because I don't see how it would challenge your existing convictions?

    1. Ah thank you Nessie, that's lovely. The whole experience of the next year is a bit - very - daunting. But then, if other people have gone to a university of their choice, then so can I.

      I see your point, it was merely a passing comment a friend made that I agreed with. I have no opinion of God or other beliefs people have. It doesn't matter what someone's religion is to me or if they believe in a God or not.
      The thing is that the topics we are doing all look negatively at the church throughout history and although it is history from centuries ago, I have a feeling it may challenge or make me take a second look at my opinions on the church itself which I think is also a part of believing in something or not. If I thought of the church negatively, then I think you can hardly believe in what that church is promoting, if you understand what you mean.

      We'll see, thanks again! :)


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