Monday, 6 August 2012

Signings coming up in England

One major plus of being a book blogger is finding out about bookish events, especially if they're held at bookshops. The delight on seeing the people behind the book you devoured, cherished and then passed on to all your friends. The sentimentality that your own copy of this book has been signed especially for you. Something you want to have forever. The pictures were you look absolutely horrible but still, nice to have something saying 'Yeah, I was there'. These are the things that make me want to go and meet the author at a lovely afternoon/evening spent in the presence of people who also love them.

After arranging to go the Maureen Johnson evening at Waterstones Guildford (and that not happening - have a look here if you don't know what I'm talking about), I received an email from the lovely Jessica who is in charge of events there. She informed me of the major events coming up at the store in the near future and I was so in AWE of some of them. Like 'How on earth have they got them to come into a signing!?'. Anyway, I think Jess and the team from  Guildford deserve a post to inform, yes YOU, of some of the great events coming up.

Guildford? Where's that? I hear you cry. It's outside London, but not too far. As long as you can get to Clapham Junction, you're hunky dory.
If you want more information, have a look on the Waterstones website (here) or email Jess at

(Arranged in chronological order)

An Evening with Philippa Gregory
I know! Philippa Gregory! This is the launch of her new book, The Kingmaker's Daughter which is set during the War of the Roses (sadly I know many things about that period from History). She's also be talking about her research, career and all her books overall so for those who have a copy or enjoyed her first Young Adult book, Changeling (on my to-read!) then, I'm sure she'll be happy to sign them too.

WHERE: Holy Trinity Church, Guildford
WHEN: 16th August at 7pm (get in quick!)

A Fan Event with Derek Landy
I've never read any of his book although I'm quite aware of them. We once played the beginning of Skulduggery Pleasant as an audiobook at my old school and it sounded quite interesting. This seems like one for the boys!
Here, Landy will be talking about the whole of the Skulduggery Pleasant as well as launching the most recent book in the series, Kingdom of the Wicked, AND doing a signing. A great way to end the summer holidays!

WHERE: Waterstone's Guildford
WHEN: 13th September at 7pm

And last but not least. This is one event I am so jealous of that I can't attend...

An Evening with John Boyne
Yes. John Boyne. The guy who bought you The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (my review). A book I think every child should read.
I remember this librarian coming in in Year 7 (6th grade) and saying she was reading this book. She said she has told the other class before lunch that she knew what was going to happen. Then, while reading it over lunch, her predictions were very very wrong. This is just...I can't recommend this book enough. So cute, yet so sad.

Copies of this book are being re-released with a different cover as well as many others such as Peter Pan in the new World of Stories collection. This event is for the launch as well as for Boyne to answer any questions and of course, sign your book.
Go. For me. AH, this is one event I would have run to.

WHERE: Waterstones Guildford
WHEN: 30th October at 7pm

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