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Mini Review: What Happened To Goodbye - Sarah Dessen

First thing first.
Sarah Dessen rocks my socks. Quite literally. She is just...something special and she has produced some of the best and most enjoyable books I have ever been fortunate to read.
Simply, I'm a massive fan. I would be the person at every home country game who decides that they're love for the team is a good enough excuse to dress head to toe in said country's flag. Even the face paint is not a problem. I think we all know the type of people I mean, if not - have a look at an England game, there are normally quite a few.

Anyway. Because of my love for Sarah Dessen, as I admitted in my review for John Green's The Fault in Our Stars (review), when you love an author or book so much, no words, despite how long you ponder upon them, no words will ever be enough to express your thoughts and feelings. Which is why I don't review Sarah Dessen's book normally. I will never do a review decent enough for Along For The Ride, Just Listen or The Truth About Forever - especially the latter.
That is also why this is a short review. Because a full length one would have a huge picture of this book and me looking WAY too attractive (I'm thinking eyes scrunched up, mouth wide open, teeth and all with a look of a mixture of happiness/excitement/pleasure/pure insanity - nah, not on the internet) and a gushy crappy few paragraphs. I cannot do that for my love for Sarah Dessen. Dessen, - you rock, don't stop.

Synopsis: Since her parents messy divorce and mother's affair public scandal, Mclean has constantly been moving from town to town, from house to apartment to house, from school to school due to her father's job who renovates restaurants. And from person to person. In fact, in the past places she has lived, she has left behind 4 completely different girls - Eliza, Lisbet, Beth and the original Mclean - pre-divorce. However, when Mclean moves to the next town, Lakeview, she discovers she just wants to find her true self. She finds some great friends, especially from her neighbour, Dave. With new friends, new experiences and a new person, Mclean starts to enjoy her life, as if it's not temporary. Soon something happens that blows this up, leaving Mclean with a decision - turn her back on this life she loves or stay.

Review: As I said at above, I could basically fan-girl about this women for a few paragraphs and call it a review so this is literally going to be short but sweet. 

Lovers of Sarah Dessen: listen up.
People who have never read A Sarah Dessen Novel: Seriously?! You're missing out. Find Just Listen or The Truth About Forever STRAIGHT AWAY.

Ah. There is just something extraordinary about Sarah Dessen's writing. Something absolutely magical and compelling that creates something that you devour. It is always a pleasure to read one of her books with its beautiful mix of realistic and original characters, the familiar settings and the clever and imaginative links to her other books.

For LoSD (Lover's of Sarah Dessen), this book is full of cameos from her previous books that make this a joy to spot them. These include the appearances of Isabel (Last Chance, Along for the Ride), Heidi and Thisbe as a toddler (Along For the Ride) as well as a visit to the Last Chance cafe. There's also a subtle sneaky cameo of Owen and Annabel (Just Listen) fighting over some music on an iPod. 
The most surprising cameo for me was Jason, appearing originally in The Truth About Forever and Along for the Ride, who works at Luna Blu in the kitchen with a completely different personality - one Macy would approve of more methinks. LoSD, I tell you, I didn't think it was him - I thought it was ANOTHER Jason. But no...

The characters are as good as ever, the heroine as realistic and loveable as ever set with beautiful writing from someone who just does this so well.
This is a book that I can't say much about really. Just, read it. Perhaps not was good as some of Dessen's past novels, but she's definitely still got her writing groove.

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I give a 5 out of 5

Author's Website:
Pages: 402
Publisher: Penguin
Challenges: None

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  1. "Something absolutely magical and compelling that creates something that you devour." There really is! Always! I get so attatched to the characters whilst reading Dessen's books.

    I've read all the books you pointed out, but remember none of those characters! Which is what annys me about Dessen's books; they're all so similar that I forget who's who. ): But that never takes away from the story.<3

    Yes, McLean was so realistic and loveable! Thanks so much for the link, and this incredible review. :D

    1. I know what you mean about remembering their names - I think it's because her books are always in first person so it isn't like 'Mclean did this, Mclean did that' - which I like.
      I remember the names of the heroines from my favourites of her books such as Macy (The Truth About Forever - LOVE THAT BOOK), Annabel (Just Listen) and Auden (Along for the Ride). As you can tell - THEY ARE MY FAVOURITES.
      Don't ask me the heroine of Lock and Key or That Summer - I can't remember too!
      I love their similarity. You kind of know what will happen. But there is always something that gives you a surprise.

      Thank YOU for your comment and glad you liked it. I didn't think the review sounded too good when I was trying to restrain myself from gushing.

  2. I adore Sarah Dessen. Her characters blow me away.


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