Monday, 7 June 2010

Meet Me at the Boathouse - Suzanne Bugler

I've seen the book in one of those recommended leaflets of teen books but never seen the book in the shops to get it ago. Well, at my spurt at the library, I saw it and picked it up.

DON'T READ IT. It was awful and incredibly boring and tedious. I didn't even finish it.

First Sentence: Danny told me there were seven major houses in Eppingham. I didn't really believe him but I went along with it anyway, just for a laugh.

The story is mostly about Lousie and her mixed up boyfriend Danny. Lousie, in Year 11 at school, knows that Danny loves her so much. It isn't his fault that he gets things wrong. Then something terrible happens and suddenly Danny and Louise are hanging out with dodgy people and doing things that aren't right or fair. Danny's starting to scare her. Was everyone else right from the start?

I thought sounds okay. It isn't. In about the first 30 pages, she had a boyfriend and it's about the continuous lies he tells, the stuff they do and his continue (and irritating) accusations of her not loving him. I was shouting at Louise to just dump the flipping guy.
Basically. If you want to read the book, my advice is to read till about half way (page 126 to be exact) and then read the last couple of chapters. The last chapter I must say it actually really good considering the rest of it. I especially liked the last part. So yeah, the book was a terrible let down. I wouldn't read it if I was you.

Sorry, Suzanne Bugler doesn't have a website. 

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