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Geek Girl: Model Misfit - Holly Smale (#2)

*This is the second book in the Geek Girl series so there may be some spoilers for the first book, Geek Girl*

Source: Netgalley
Pages: 356
Publisher: HarperCollins

Synopsis: With a new baby on the way and her summer plans ruined suddenly Harriet decides to take up a modelling job in Japan to get away from home. She knows that she won't ever probably fit into the modelling world but she tries nonetheless to be a 'model'. In Japan, she faces the craziness of Tokyo with some interesting model flatmates, bizarre photo shoots as well as the problem of seeing Nick everywhere she goes. Harriet needs to find herself halfway across the world or maybe she needs to become more like a model. 

Review: About this time last year, I read the first book in this series, Geek Girl. I thought it was brilliant, but most importantly, I thought it was the type of book that is needed for young girls growing up with so many brilliant messages that fulfilled some self-confidence in myself. Following the success of the first book, this is the next book in the series for Harriet Manners - the unlikely geek model.

When I read books, I don't really get very emotionally invested. I don't laugh or cry or get excited when the character's do. However, the GEEK GIRL series are probably the only books that actually make me laugh out loud. I find Harriet hilarious at times and her humour is a lot like mine. This books humour, characters, writing and plot makes me keep reading on and on. I finished this book within two days, which is a record for me and just illustrates how much I liked this book.

Harriet is so unique and real. I can see a lot of myself in her actually. She's this geek that is trying to fit in with a world that both she will never fit in with, but also they don't want to let her try. Although we're not all models, we can all relate to feeling like we can't fit in with a certain world, or group, or stereotype - I know I did when I was younger and at times currently. Reading about Harriet overcoming her issues with her family, with Nick and with her job was great to see and quite inspirational in some ways.

This book is also host to some brilliant, vibrant and creative characters that really shine throughout. Sometimes the humour in books can make the prose and the characters within a plot be placed in the background. However, this book thankfully doesn't do that and I think in some ways the characters make the humour from their brilliantly constructed personalities that are all so unique and different from one another.

Overall, the second book in the GEEK GIRL series was thoroughly enjoyable and I am looking forward to finding out what else is going to happen to Harriet as well as meeting Holly Smale at YALC! GEEK GIRL is such a brilliant series which is just what the world of YA literature needs right now.

I give it a 4 out of 5

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this book!

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  1. Yay for YALC! It's going to be so much fun, and Holly is super lovely. Glad to see you enjoyed this, Rebecca! I really can't wait to read Picture Perfect.


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