Saturday, 27 April 2013

Embracing My Inner Geek

Last week, when Lucy from Queen of Contemporary asked everyone to join in with her relatively new and popular meme, Embracing My Inner Geek, I knew I had to join in partly because she is such a lovely blogging friend and also because...well, I am a geek, loud and clear.
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It was only yesterday when it hit me on the way home from college at 5pm that 'Wait, I haven't written that post yet' and then the mental brainstorm commenced of ideas of what I could write my post about. Which is hard when you're thinking about other things like revision and homework (more about that in a post later this week).

I think as book bloggers, we sometimes forget about why we love books, the things we can talk about to a great extent with enthusiasm and passion. On the first line of my personal statement when I was applying to university, I initially wrote 'I am passionate about books' (which is like the worse way to start a personal statement) but that is kind of what it is that keeps me reading and keeps me blogging.

Books have been a major part of growing up with constant visits to the library in the school holidays with my Nan and being read stories from this treasury I was given when I was a baby (which I still have) by my dad. It's what defines my childhood rather than school or certain friends or toys but books.

I think one of the major attractions of books is the way you can immerse yourself in this world that can be so different from your own. Even if you have no romance in your life (*raises hand*), you'll always be able to find it in a book (I have to say my go-to for romance is Sarah Dessen...). If you just don't want to be in reality right now, which we all have those moments, then you can go to Panem or dystopian Chicago or the New World, they'll be waiting always for you.

Over the years I've had turbulent friendships with many different people, sometimes not even realising its happening. It's part of everyday life. But I understand when someone says 'Books are my friends' because well, a book isn't going to have an argument with you, it isn't going to say mean things behind your back - they are reliable and for me, they make me feel like me, make me comfortable.

As book bloggers show daily, books have the power to bring people together. I have a feeling that I'll be making friends at university with those that think books are cool or one of the first people I'll have a discussion about books with. While I'm at university, the third Divergent book and the Catching Fire movie will both be coming out and I sincerely hope, and am sort of expecting, to be fangirling over these with someone other than my friends back home. My two best friends now, we frequently have book discussions about certain genres or certain books (one of them got me into Divergent) and actually, all three of us work in bookshops now ironically.
I work at a bookshop with people who love and care about the book publishing industry which is great to see and to interact with them. We all love books and I think as a team that comes across to customers. That is essentially what I think Waterstones is about - sharing our love for books with others who also have a passion for books.

Books are what I hope shape the future for me. I wish that in 10 years time, I'll perhaps look back at this post, at age 28 (wow, that's a frightening thought), and be in a job in the publishing industry - happy to be surrounded by books and remember the happy moments I've had that are all to do with books.

Happy blogoversary, Lucy! And go check out her blog, it's one of the best around :)


  1. Thank you so much for participating, Rebecca! This is such a great post and so true. You could have been writing about me!

    I know what you mean about books. I wouldn't be the same person now if I didn't like reading. I actually feel a bit lost if I'm not reading!

    Thank you, once again, for posting this! :D

  2. Brilliant post, Rebecca! I strongly agree with everything you said. Being able to immerse ourselves in books is one of the best things about reading. Sometimes I really don't understand how people dislike reading... it is the best!

    I hope you find lots of book fangirls at university, Rebecca. If not, we'll always be here! :D

  3. Ooh I agree reading is amazing and the best friends you'll have and it's great to have bloggy friends to fan girl with because my friends are useless in the book department. Great Post, Geeks all the way!!

    My EMIG:


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