Friday, 5 April 2013

Books Everyone Loved (Excluding Me)

I saw this post on Reading Teen and thought it was brilliant idea, especially making me feel like 'Oh so I wasn't the ONLY one to not like Book A'. Everyone is intitled to their own opinion especially something so varied like books or movies or music. The times people have judged because of your opinion on a certain band or song is silly and I find it sometimes a bit flustering if someone asks what bands I like or what books or films in case they judge my choices (FYI: a guilty pleasure of mine is Take That...I quite enjoy their music...). 
Let me know if you agree (or disagree!) with any of my choices. Really, I want to hear...

You Against Me
Jenny Downham

After all the raving reviews I've seen, I'm starting to wonder if I was reading a completely different book. I had read Before I Die a few years before this one, not particularly understanding it as I was only about 13. So when I started this at age 16, I thought 'Yep, I'll understand this'. And I did. But I thought the book was quite tedious and boring. In my review, I was desperately trying to pull out some positives and probably sounding more positive about the book than I actually felt as a result. I still don't quite understand why people like this book. 

Rachel Ward

I rarely stop reading a book however much I dislike it or find it boring. But sometimes it's just too much. And this is one of them. OH MY FRICKING GOSH JEM WAS THE MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER EVER. And seriously, the male protagonist that we're all supposed to fall for is defined by smelling really, really bad?! This book seemed a little confused to me, like it couldn't quite decide on a message or genre and in the end I just gave up. One of the worst books I've read to be honest.

New Girl
Paige Harbison

As much as possible I try to be positive about the books I read, even if I didn't particularly like them or are on the fence in my opinion. Yet I think my review for New Girl was the harshest I've ever written but entirely my own opinion. I was actually horrified by this book, why did people like it when it was so awful? Why take an absolute classic book (this is based VERY loosely on Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier), take the plot and characters and then just wreck it to shreds. I really did not like this book. (Review)

Ally Condie

Okay, so I know a few people would agree with me but it has to be said. Why did the whole blogosphere bow and absorb Matched as one of the best YA dystopians, comparing to the likes of Divergent or The Hunger Games? Because it really wasn't that special. I thought it was mediocre and I must have enjoyed it even only a little bit as I read the subsequent sequels (which got better as the series continued). I just hated Cassia. And Ky (everyone apart from Xander really). I thought the concept, although original, was a little bit confusing and even now after finishing the series, I still don't quite understand it. It was an okay book, just really, really definitely not one of the best YA dystopians. (Review)


  1. I didn't like Matched either. I agree with everything you wrote about it, actually. I really loved Xander and he really didn't deserve Cassia (I've only read the first book so can't answer for the other two). Ky also really bugged me and I couldn't see the attraction.

    I do disagree with Numbers, though. I read it last month and really enjoyed it. I can sort of see where you're coming from but I really liked Spider.

    I haven't read the other two so can't say whether I agree or disagree but I really want to read New Girl because I loved Here Lies Bridget.

    I really enjoyed reading this! Would love to see another one of these another time! :)

  2. I liked Me Before You quite a lot, and I haven't read Numbers or New Girl (I heard a lot of people didn't like it, though, so I won't be reading it anytime soon), but I completely agree with Matched! I didn't hate it, but I was just so bored with it the first time I tried to read it that I just stopped. I might try and pick it up again, but with what you have to say about it, I'd probably still be really bored with it. Awesome post! It's fun to bond about books you liked, but it's even more fun to bond about books you didn't like ;)

  3. I love this feature and I agree that it is annoying when everyone likes a book, yet you feel the exact opposite. I might do one of these posts too :)

    I really enjoyed Matched. However, at some points it was very slow so I DEFINITELY wouldn't compare it to Divergent/THG. I have Numbers on my TBR pile so hopefully I'll see different to you. It is a shame that you didn't enjoy New Girl, I won't be reading that one then :/7

    Great post, Rebecca! :)

  4. What a great idea for a post, I think I shall write my own list :)

    I've read all of these... I loved You Against Me! And Numbers had me bawling uncontrollably, but more so because I was avoiding thinking about a recent bereavement. New Girl and Matched? Meh.


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