Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Blogs/Sites I follow that aren't bookish

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week is all about the blogs or websites I visit when I'm not looking at the bookish blogs I follow or Goodreads. 
Most of the alternative blogs I follow are fashion ones because well, I find them so interesting. I would love to have a fashion blog also but I know I wouldn't be as great at it than some bloggers out there. Enjoy, and check them all it, they're definitely worth a lookie.

1. WishWishWishhttp://wishwishwish.net/ - This is a fashion and lifestyle blog written by the lovely Carrie. I read it because I just love her clothes and the photographs are so beautiful all the time. She goes on lots of travels around Europe frequently so I love to see her pictures of the city she visits, they are all such good photos. But her clothes are to die for...mm...

2. Blushing Ambitionhttp://blushingambition.blogspot.co.uk/ - This was one of the first fashion blogs I found done by Annabel, who lives in America. She mostly photographs her outfits and any food she goes out to eat (which is a lot) and always looks so yummy that I want to jump on a plane over there to join her!

3. It's Cohenhttp://itscohen.blogspot.com/ - I found this when I was typing in 'Rebecca-Books' in Google (long story) and found this, also by a Rebecca about her life in Liverpool as well, as you've guessed it, her fashion and outfits. I love her clothes and the fact they are both accessible and so cheap to create from charity shops. It just shows how shopping from charity shops isn't that bad and can create a cheap yet great looking outfit.

4. oh emmahttp://www.oh-emma.com/ - My friend introduced me to this blogger who is the same age as myself living in London so I love to hear about another teenager's perspective on life here. Her clothes are lovely and again, so accessible. I really love her clothes. Like really.

5. Queen Nessiehttp://queennessie.blogspot.co.uk/ - Long term followers will have seen Nessie comment frequently and done a couple of guests posts (like here). She is one of my blogging friends, along with Amy who isn't blogging at the moment. Nessie runs a lifestyle/comment blog about her university life here in England and just everything and anything really. It's so interesting to read and I love to see what she has to say. No, this one isn't all about fashion.

6. Simple Sophiehttp://www.simplesophie.com/ - this is probably the newest blog I found, which is of course a fashion blog run by 18 year-old English Sophie about her life and her various outfit. I also love her clothes again, especially her jewellery.

7. the stylish hearthttp://thestylishheart.blogspot.co.uk/ - Again it's the clothes. This is run by Sarah who has the most loveliest hair that I wish my own hair would live up to. She also has a love for stripes and navy which really suits me because my fashion sense (or what I have of one) consists of mostly that: stripes and navy. She buys all her clothes off the high street so she gives me ideas of what I want to buy for the next season as well as how to wear the trends. Just...her clothes...


  1. fun list of blogs, don't you think blogging is just tons of fun? kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  2. Great fashion links. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog


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