Saturday, 2 June 2012

Looking back at MAY

Previous months: 


My blogging time has gradually reduced since April as I have had exams as I said in one or two of my posts this month. I started to find it hard to manage both blogging and college work without feeling guilty for not doing the other one. So one has to stop, right? And college can't so it had to be blogging.
The coming months should be must better blogging wise as I have finished all my exams for the year and am now starting the work for next year and relaxing after the stressful period of 9 days in which I took 5 exams.

The work we do is hard to say the least so I am thankful that any old followers have not pressed the 'unfollow' button this month when my posting was much reduced. I know a lot of bloggers have put their blogs on hold this month for academic priorities so I think it shows how much blogging takes of our time.


Read but not reviewed:
The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen

As you can see the amount of reviews and new books read this month has vastly reduced because I had little energy in the mornings or evenings to read at all because I was so tired and stressed. I decided to do re-reads this month of some of my favourite books so I would enjoy the reading I did do more. It also gave me a chance to improve on the reviews of The Lady in the Tower and Shadow Web that I wrote in my very early blogging days (the reviews made me cringe to read over!) 
The Truth About Forever is and will always be my favourite book. That is why I cannot review it because well, it's too hard to put all your thoughts of a book you cherish into a couple of paragraphs. Just take my advice. Read it. 


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