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Author Interview: Amy Lignor

And so continues the Until Next Time blog tour. Now, I admit I am not a huge paranormal fan, in fact I've never read a paranormal book EVER - mostly because the Twilight craze put me off them before I had chance to pick up a book of this genre. Considering that, this book really does intrigue me, it sounds different and well, the fact it's not copying or doing the whole vampire thing from the Twilight Saga, fills me with extreme joy.

So, I was quite excited when I was asked to join this tour so I could find out a little bit more about this new novel. Today I have it's author, Amy Lignor, to ask The 5 Questions on her next book, UNTIL NEXT TIME.

What made you write your new book, UNTIL NEXT TIME?

I am a big YA angel fan. I think the books that are coming out are really a great deal offun, but I was always wondering what a ‘fresh’ angel would do if they came here. In other words, I’ve read all about the ‘fallen’ and the ‘tormented,’ butI wondered what a being, that was actually born and trained to come down here and help, would end up doing and how they would end up surviving? Human emotions are so strong, and they range from everything to romance and happiness, to serious nightmares, like envy, anger, hate, etc. So for a pure innocent mind to head down here on ‘assignment’ and be faced with these realities, I wondered how they would handle it. I knew they would have a great deal of questions, and the romance aspects of life, as well as jealously and heartache could really make them want to head right back up there and say, “Forget it! These people are on their own.” Which made me really want to explore that and see how they’d handle it.

What did you enjoy the most about writing it?

It was so much fun because it’s really two lives in one book. I already know that there will be a ‘parting of the ways’ where fans are concerned. A group will like Emily and Matt, and agroup will like Liz and Daniel (which are the ‘assignments’ that the angel/warrior team take over.)  Emily and Matt have a job to do; they have the ability to help, save, judge, destroy,protect, etc., but it’s fun to see them fall in love and struggle with the ‘earthly’ lives they have to lead. For me, these four characters are interesting each in their own way. The only thing I really hope for is the fact that people ‘see’ that Emily and Matt, although being trained and mentored by archangels, are not overwhelmingly religious. This story offers inspiration, but Emily and Matt are really just ‘questioning’ everything while living out their human lives and trying to be everything to everyone. So, it will be interesting to see the ‘split’ between readers.

Describe the book in a sentence.

UNT is the story of a truly ‘divine’ team that must find a way to keep their faith in each other in a world that’s slowly ripping them apart.

What advice would you give to future writers - both in the writing and publishing process?

Don’t stop. I know I say this a great deal - most likely because with my company, The WriteCompanion, I help a great deal of debut authors get up and running and published. But working with all of these authors, I have to reiterate, not to give up!  This is a dream industry…when it works; but this is a hard industry to break into and there are rejections. In fact, your favorite authors were once rejected a great deal.What authors should always remember is, just because you get a rejection from an agent or a publisher does not mean that the next one won’t say, “Yes.”  So try not to get depressed and throw your manuscript into a filing cabinet somewhere. If you want this, don’t stop!

Are you working on anything else?

I have just completed Book II of The Angel Chronicles, and I am on story five out of seven for the Tallent & Lowery series. Tallent & Lowery is being ‘shopped’ around for a print publisher now that the first book, 13, has done so well in electronic formats. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that one. J

Thank you Amy and to Tribute Books. 


UNTIL NEXT TIME is the first book in the Angel Chronicles series, released 1st February 2012.


  1. Hey Rebecca! Thank you so much for having the angel/warrior team on your fantastic site. I am completely honored to be here. And...yes, I most definitely stayed away from all the "Twilight" stuff :) This is as far opposite as you can get. LOL.

  2. Two lives in one? Who needs cloning when we've got Amy Lignor :)


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