Thursday, 10 July 2014

There is a geek in all of us.

I have a confession. It's perhaps not at all surprising if you know me personally or if you've followed my blog for a long time but it's a confession all the same.

I am a geek.

Geek [geek]. noun. a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and some expertise about a specialized subject or activity []

Yes, I definitely am. Apart from the cliches that are brought to mind when thinking about geekiness, such as actually paying attention in lectures, working 100% towards every assessment and seem to do quite well from doing so, when it comes to books, the geekiness is really brought out. Amongst my friends who are all similar to myself, I ooze this ideal life full of books with a passion for books, a blog and until recently, a job in a bookshop.

However, when it comes to the real world (which became shockingly clear when I went to university), I am essentially a geek. I have been told that whenever I talk about books, I have this wide smile on my face and I talk really fast with many hand gestures. Another passion of mine is sci-fi films. Watching anything with any sort of science fiction theme in it brings this special sort of concentration where I am so absorbed within the narrative and how clever the plot is. With my boyfriend describing himself as a 'film geek', this works when watching films together to the point where he specially chooses films that have a sci-fi element because he KNOWS I will enjoy it. However, with anyone else, getting them to watch something other than a teen move with a dystopian element (I point to The Hunger Games which for the record, I did enjoy) is trouble and I know they are secretly judging my geekery. So, science fiction in books is like the ultimate thing that brings out the total geek in me.

I get excited about book signings and book adaptations rather than going clubbing. I remember coming back to university from a trip at home where I met and got a book signed by Veronica Roth. I was so happy and excited by it yet I was only met by plain looks. For instance, I'm going to Comic Con on Saturday in London, a fact people either raised their eyebrows at quietly judging or starting geeking out themselves about the film aspect of Comic Con. However, why am I going? Well, there is YALC, a book conference...

However, as I've grown older, I've realised that everyone has a little geek in them. Everyone has different interests and passions and that enthusiasm differs from different people. Mine is stronger than a flatmate's passion for cooking, but as long as those around you allow you to share your enthusiasm as they do, that's the main thing. The conversations around the dinner table at university is purely geek if I think about it, ranging from topics about the media, books, TV shows, make-up, computers, films and video games. I remember when I was in secondary school and going through the realisation at how geeky I was, I was reading in our form time as I always did considering no-one really spoke to me and the conversations around me were incredibly boring. A girl who I would have guessed as someone who would rather take an ice cold bath than read a book asked me what I was reading. I told her, and there was a pause when we kind of looked at each other in surprise. Then, she asked me for some recommendations and we had a massive geek out about books. Apart from that 5 minute conversation, I never talked about books with her again, she chose to keep her love for books under wraps while I was more open.

Moral of the story? Everyone is different. Yes, I am a geek. I am an open geek that is kind of proud and weird about those kind of things. It is something that defines me and what people like about me. However, this guy I see at university who just oozes coolness could go home and spend endless hours watching foreign films and then blog about them. I could see someone in my seminar class at Comic Con in the Book Zone. I think we just have to accept that geekiness is a part of all of us.

I'll leave you on one of my favourite quotes I found somewhere which someone told me defined me.

"I want a girl who reads, who feeds her addition for fiction with unusual poems and plays that she hunts out in crooked bookshops for days and days and days" Mark Grist

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  1. Fantastic post, Rebecca! I agree, there is definitely a bit of geek in all of us, even though we "geek out" over different stuff! I'm a book geek and I'm proud of it! :D


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