Friday, 29 November 2013

Veronica Roth Signing

On a sunny October afternoon, I was sitting in a Starbucks on the Strand in London with my friend when I found out about the Veronica Roth signing. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed as I was waiting for my friend and our drinks and then I saw the tweet from Waterstones talking about this event. I texted my other friend, George, straight away and within a few hours, I was the holder of two tickets to see one of the best authors around in my
I may be currently in Bournemouth but the event was in my 'reading week' (read: a week off to catch up with work which ends up with everyone going home and doing anything far from work) when I'd be coming home anyway. George is at university in London so it was perfect!

Veronica Roth for those that have no idea who I'm rattling on about is the writer of the YA dystopian series Divergent and the final book in the series, which I am yet to read, has just been released after the biggest cliffhanger in history. It's also being made into a movie next year with the lovely Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet in it. This series is immense, I would not recommend it enough. It was a series I was completely unsure about until George made me read them and now *whispers* I think they're better than The Hunger Games...
Veroncia Roth hasn't done many events in the UK, as she is an American author so I was so excited and surprised to hear she was doing one here in London.

The event was at the Prince Charles Theatre in Leicester Square where George and I saw Moonrise Kingdom a couple of years ago. It's a nice theatre/cinema just off the square, right on the edge of Chinatown and is a little bit away from the hustle and bustle of Leicester Square. 
We went in with about 5 minutes to spare. As we walked in, Veronica Roth just kind of casually walked past us to which we both kind of gave each other excited looks. 
We sat down and the talk started. It's interesting to hear authors talk about how they came to write the books we kind of take for granted - rarely do I think to myself when I'm reading 'Oh I wonder where they got the idea'. Some of the author's events I've been to show that inspiration comes from some unlikely places.

While it seemed like she was wrapping up after only 30 minutes had passed, suddenly she was talking about cast member from the Divergent movie being at the event. I thought to myself 'Oh it's going to be a minor character in the movie'. That was until Shailene Woodley was walking on stage, who is playing Tris, THE MAIN CHARACTER. It was cool to hear her perception of the movie and how she prepared for her character. It was just incredibly surreal having these two people on stage. I'm interested to see Shailene next year in Divergent but also as the lead in The Fault in our Stars, an adaptation of the John Green book which is another favourite book of mine. 
Soon, the audience was getting their books signed. Because we were at the back, we had to wait a while but it was SO worth the wait. She's really lovely, I wasn't entirely sure what to say to hear without fangirling at all. But I asked her if she was planning on writing any more books and she replied she had a book in the making that was a move away from Divergent but still a dystopian. 
So I left the event feeling rather happy and geeking out with my friend over the fact we had just met Veronica Roth, author of Divergent which could potentially have the same effect as The Hunger Games did when it was first made into a movie.

I'm so excited for the movie in March and I still need to get onto the last book in the Divergent series (kind of scared of what may happen). I'm also trying to get my flatmates to discover Divergent. We went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire at the cinema the other day (it's so good!) and they showed the Divergent trailer. One of my flatmates just turned to me at the end of the trailer and said 'That looks so good!' 
This movie is going to be big, I can tell. But Veronica Roth is still one of the most down to earth authors I've met.

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Insurgent by Veronica Roth


  1. Agh! I am SO jealous. I adore the Divergent trilogy. I can't believe you got to the Veronica Roth signing -- and also see Shailene Woodley!!! Life is totally unfair.... I wish I lived near London, or anywhere in England for that matter.
    I'm reading Allegiant at the moment, but I'm not going to give any opinions yet. I'm still not sure how it's all going to work out....
    Oh and isn't it brilliant that Shailene is in TFiOS as well? I adore John Green (and his books - obviously) so I'm thrilled that her and Gus (or whoever plays him) are both in Divergent! Yay!
    Marian ^_^ x

  2. Lucky!! :) I really need to get a copy of Allegiant, like right now! XD


  3. Wow! I can't believe I didn't know about this, I would have loved to go! It sounds like you had a great time, bookish events are so much fun :D Divergent is such a brilliant book series. I didn't enjoy Allegiant as much as the first two books but it was obviously still amazing. I can't wait for the film! :')

    Thanks for sharing, Rebecca! Sorry for commenting on this so late, but I'm back from my blogging break now. I hope you have a good 2014 :)

  4. Oh my gosh, no way - I was at this event too!!! That was an amazing evening! :D


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