Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Pledge

As any followers of the blog may have noticed, my blogging and review-posting has become a little erratic with large periods of time (well like a week) between reviews and a lack of anything else. For instance, when entering Blogger just to write this post, I spent 10 minutes catching up on days and days worth of posts.

I'm not closing up shop, that I am definite about. However, I don't think I will ever really go back to the dedication and amount of blogging I used to do before. I literally just do not have the time that I used to have. I don't think some people appreciate the amount of time blogging takes up on top of everything else and it is this really that is becoming an issue. Blogging is starting to frustrate me and this is bad, I don't want blogging to be stressful on top of the other stress I have to deal with.

I am in my last year of college (or in my 'senior' year if I was in America) finishing my A levels. A lot of teachers, past pupils, friends have told me how much time your studies in your last year takes and after a month of being in Year 13, it's taking it's toll. Last week, I ended the week with six pieces of work, most of them being essays. I am not the best essay writer, it doesn't come naturally so I do have to spent a significant time on essays in general. I actually ended the week in tears because of the pressure, stress and amount of work they are piling on already. If they're doing this now after a month, what about nearer the exams next May?
Because of the arrangement of my days during the week, I do have a small window of reading time. I like to read on the 20 minute train journey to college but more often than not, I see someone I know and talk to them on the train so it's a little rude to just pull a book out and start reading. Most of the time, I read at the weekends and in the mornings if I'm going in later. In the evenings, I'm becoming increasingly too tired and that is kind of what's gone wrong since coming back to college.
So that is my reason for my lack of reading. I love reading and want a career in books so I will continue reading, just at an even slower pace than before. I really do admire these bloggers who mention they read 3 books a week. HOW? WHERE DO YOU FIND THE TIME? I would love to know! I'm not a slow reader, but I do like to take time over reading, not hurrying it like some of my friends do.

So, where is this post going then?
Well, I have a proposition, or a pledge really.

I pledge to keep reading and blogging as much as I can. But my studies will always come first. I read for me, not for anyone else so I will read the books I want to read and when I want. I'm always up for up and coming releases and I will read them within a deadline if needed to (and I am dying to read the book) but I want it to be okay for me to read a book published a while ago.

I pledge write reviews that aren't full of rambles. That are actually decent and useful to any reader or reviewer. I know my reviews aren't actually that amazing, but I do try and show what I felt about the book in some way. If you have any problems or suggestions about my reviews, let me know! Really, I'm always up for advice.

I pledge to keep the blog going. I don't want my blog to die in a small corner of the blogosphere, abandoned and alone. I want my blog to be running, a post every week at least. I have worked hard for the last two years to create Rebecca-Books and I don't want that to be worthless

I pledge to not care about follower counts and comments. This is what frustrates me the most about blogging. I have been working on Rebecca-Books with all my time, sweat and a few tears for two whole years. What annoys me if a blogger comes along and after a few months has a 1000 followers. What am I doing wrong? If there some 'anti-follow' thing about me? I just feel sometimes that the effort I put in is completely worthless.
So I will not care about my follower count or get upset if no-one comments. Like I said, I'm doing this for me, and only me. And I would love some more followers and as many comments as anyone wants to give, but I will not let that become the main focus of my blogging experience. I want my followers to be loyal, get excited when they see that I've posted.

So recap of those pledges:

  • I pledge to keep reading and blogging as frequent as I can.
  • I pledge to write reviews as well and as less rambley as I can
  • I pledge just to simply keep the blog going
  • I pledge to not care about follower counts and comments. Let this blog be all about showcasing some of the best books I have read for authors, publishers and readers everywhere. 

So I'll see you next week maybe. Or week after that. Keep up to date with me through Twitter (@rebeccabooks) - I am ALWAYS on there (it's an app on my phone!). 


  1. Good luck with your A Levels and with your pledge!

    I reckon most book bloggers should take up your pledge for no other reason than it's good to have less pressure on yourself and always good to dedicate ourselves to more important things like reading for enjoyment.

  2. I really need to write more reviews.
    I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW TO FOLLOW YOU! Your blog is amazing! I wish I could write reviews as well as you do, honestly. I really don't know why you don't have 10,000 followers, let alone 1,000!



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