Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Lady Grace Mysteries: Loot

If you are a sophisicated teenager (which is what I really should be), then, don't read on. This book is aimed for 9+, however, I continue to still read them and actually enjoy them. It's one of those where you don't have to think about what that word means and with it only being 192 pages, it took me a couple of days in between exams and homework.

First Sentence: Here I am squashed into a corner of my bedchamber, far from the fire, while Mary Shelton and Lady Sarah Bartelmy fuss about new gowns that the Maids have all been gifted.

Lady Grace is a Maid of Honor at the court of Queen Elizabeth I. Though she is also a secret spy for Her Majesty and helps (and always seems to) solve mysteries at court along with her two best friends, Ellie (her tiring woman) and Masou (a tumbler at court). In Loot, it is nearly 12 years since Queen Elizabeth I was crowned and as the foreigners arrive from Europe, the Crown Jewels goes missing. But with only a day left till Her Majesty appears in public in them, can Grace find them in time?

It's a good mystery book and easy to read. I quite enjoyed it actually. There is a whole series of Lady Grace Mysteries starting at A and working downwards so this is the....12th book (just had to count with my fingers) I personally enjoy them just to be different and a relax from reading thick novels with long, complicated words that I just sort of read without even knowing what it mean. I know you all do it. So yeah, read it if you don't mind reading the sort of basic English writing type.

I give it a 3.5 out of 5

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