Monday, 22 February 2010

Just Listen - Sarah Dessen

First Sentence: I taped it back in April, before anything had happened, and promptly forgot about it. A few weeks ago, it had started running again and, suddenly, I was everywhere.

Just Listen is another book by the 'amazing' Sarah Dessen (SD). Annabel Greene is one of these girls that have it all - model looks, confidence, a social life (I'm sure we've all come across one). Or so it seems. After the night at a party where everything changes, Annabel can't bear to remember or tell about the night and the things that happened before like her sister's eating disorder and her grandmother's death. Until he meets Owen - a guy who always tells the truth, has Anger Managerment and who is also obsessed with music. Soon, a close bond forms. But can he help her forget her past and help her face her fears - telling the truth.

This isn't one of SD's best novels for me but still it is good and definately worth a read. Yes, it's quite girly in the sense that there's love and that sort of stuff but not as much as in some of her other novels. This is about music and telling the truth. I must admit a couple of times, I did feel a little bit guilty for some of the white lies I've told. Apart from that, it is well written including some descriptions of the type of people you see in every school (the bitchy popular girl, the girl who seems to have it all) which made me relate to it much more. Like all SD novels, you will 'Read her once and fall in love.'

I give her 5 out of 5
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  1. I have this book sitting on my shelf waiting to be read (but the cover on my book lots a lot different!). My favorite Sarah Dessen novel so far was The Truth About Forever. I read it this past summer and I loved it!

  2. Oh my god. Don't get me started on how much I loved The Truth About Forever. I absolutely love it too :)
    This is good too but not AS good at that one.
    Yeah it probably is. I'm from the UK and Sarah Dessen's covers are totally different to the ones in the US. You should read it, it's good :)

  3. Just listen is about a girl named Annabel who is having family and friend problems. Her older sister has an eating disorder and she is in a huge fight with her best friend Sophie. She lies to her parents and herself about what is going on through her life. But then she meets a guy Own who is completely different than she is and who loves different types of music. He uses music to get him through the tough times in life and he tries to get Annabel to listen to it. He never lies and he helps Annabel become true to herself. They become really close friends and she learns that she can be honest with people and herself. No matter if it hurts their feelings or not. For example she does not want to do modeling anymore but her mom wants her to do it. She eventually sucks it up and tells her mom. She becomes very disappointed but Annabel knew it was for the best. A major message is to just trust and listen to yourself, don't do stuff because people make you do it because you want to. Someone should read this book because it is very interesting and relatable. It is a well written book and good for all teenage girls.


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