Review Policy

Thank you for taking a look here if you are thinking of asking for a review. I know there is a lot of writing, but please take a look before you decide to email me.

My reviews are based on my thoughts and opinions -  I may add a friend or fellow blogger's comment or a newspaper's comment on the book being reviewed from time to time, but I will state this if I do. Example.

If you don't agree with what I say, that's fine! We're all individual, I know I've disagreed with some reviews. Just send me a comment on what you think of the book, I love hearing other people's thoughts on books.

The structure of my reviews are:
- There is always a picture of the cover on the left hand side
- Paragraph on how I required the book and my initial thoughts before starting the book e.g. excited, sceptical
-  Synopsis of book
- If the book is based on a true event, story or figure, I normally write a little about the truth behind this. Example.
- Now, my thoughts. This varies on how much I liked/disliked the book. A lot of the time it takes around 3-5 paragraphs. I write about all aspects of the book: writing, characters, plot.
- My final and ultimate thoughts on the book in general
- Verdict - a sentence with the essence of my thoughts on the book
- My Rating between 1-5
- Then, the gritty details: Author's Website, Publisher, Number of Pages and if the book contributed to any current challenges.
- Sometimes I add if there is a movie adaptation coming up (Example) or a list of any related books that readers may be interested in (Example)
I am very happy to review any books by authors or publishers, however I would prefer not to review any self-published novels. (That's mostly because I have so many books to read, I need to cull the requests in some form)

NOTE: I live in England and am a student with a lot of work throughout the year, I do blogging as a hobby. Therefore, it may take some time for me to review your book, I'm very sorry if this is a problem. If this is a problem, send me an email with the deadline you ideally want and I shall get back to you if it's possible.

This is a mostly Young Adult literature blog. I am interested in genres of:
- Dystopian
- Historical
- Chick Lit
- Contemporary Fiction 
- Mysteries
- Series (I would prefer to read any series in order)

Genres that I will not be interested in are: Non-fiction, horror, religious, paranormal, middle grade.

If you would like to see a full list of previous reviewed books, there is a link to my archive in the bar above.
I have a Kindle so if you have a PDF file of your book or a Kindle edition, this would be preferable. I am willing to receive hard copy books from trustworthy sources. 

If you are interested in sending me a book for review and think I would be interested in your book, please email me via this address:

Thank you very much!